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December 01, 2010


This month as we create layouts based on opening the dictionary and using a word we did not know I think Natalie has chosen the perfect word to accompany her lo. Again we find that we need to sometimes scrapbook the not so wonderful moments in life and I personally think Natalie has found a great way to document one of those times. Thank God for all the wonderful things in life and the healing hands of doctors who can give a new perspective on the lives of our beautiful children!

Read on, Deb♥

p.s. Come on by and create a lo using your dictionary too!

The doctors called it "curly toes", but to us, they were cute, perfect little piggies no matter how crooked they were. This how the journaling starts for this very special layout. It is special because it marks a momentous occasion for my husband and I as parents. We had to voluntarily let surgeons put our daughter under anesthesia to operate on her crooked toes. We agonized over this for weeks and were just moments away from canceling the surgery the night before due to great fear, that what if we never saw her again. What if something happened in surgery, a surgery that wasn't necessarily life or death? What was too much to bear. We gave it to God and He carried us through. I almost died watching the nurses take her back to the operating room, praying that was not going to be the last time I would see her.

I had a wonderful memory to take with me. Just moments before, in a counseling room, one of her surgeons commented that she was "precocious". I pride myself on a large and varied vocabulary, but did not really know what precocious meant. I looked it up on my smart phone. "Exceptionally mature qualities at an unusually young age" was the quick definition on one page. That was and still is my daughter! She made it through the surgery; recovery was a little rough, but we gave thanks to God and He healed her up. Those casts didn't slow her down a bit as you can see! Her toes are beautifully straight and she walks around on her tippy-toes all the time! I am praying my new baby girl does not have to repeat this!


  1. This layout is beautiful! What a great way to share a story! I'm glad the surgery went well :) I'm inspired to do a dictionary page.

  2. You did an awesome job w/ this!
    Great job sharing the events that occurred and conveying your fears and doubts.
    I bet your daughter will appreciate you chronicling this journey for her, no matter how difficult.
    BTW – thanks for teaching me a new word too! :0)

  3. Just added my link! And I love your new blog header!


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