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December 04, 2010

More from DT Member Heather about "The Guys"...

Hey remember last month when Heather talked to us about being a mom of the guys? Here is some more from her :)

Bluegills you say? That IS what I said! As I mentioned before, going fishing on a beautiful Saturday isn't all rest and relaxation! But it is one thing our family (boys and hubby especially) enjoys doing! For mom though, it can be a stressful day!! Six people on a fishing boat . . . 2 parents, a tween and triplet 4 year olds . . . six fishing poles, meaning 6 hooks with worms flying around your head . . . tangled fishing lines . . . hooks stuck on a stump (or my fingers . . . 1 "Cars" fishing pole dropped into the water - which I was able to rescue - thank you very much! Sound like your idea of a fun day???

So, what did we catch you ask? You got it . . . 3 Lil Bluegills . . . all caught by Grant within 5 minutes of each other! Yup, that's it!!!!

All the stress and chaos of the day was totally worth it though when I saw the look of pride and joy on Grant's face when he and Daddy caught those 3 Lil Bluegills!!! Would I do it again? Absolutely if it meant another proud moment like that!


  1. what a cute pic! i also have 2 boys and a hubby and i seem surrounded by the boys-LOL

  2. Wow Heather your brave! - flying hooks, huh? LOL!

  3. Oh, there is a lo that should go with this write up! I will see if Deb can post!


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