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December 14, 2010

Take a Stand

I shake my head when I think of all of the freedoms our children have today. This is a great idea! Listen as Jeannie describes how she created a safe and honorable approach on this subject with her family...

Friday September 10 and 11th, I was able to attend a women's conference called Time Out for Women. It was and incredible experience. One of the speakers, Jill Manning, tackled a very difficult topic. One that we all want to pretend will just go away on it's own. Her presentation was titled, "The Uncensored Truth About Pornography" Why this topic? Jill says, "Because women are impacted by pornography in unique and profound ways, we play an indispensable role in the fight against it. Although the statistics are daunting, we know that pornography cannot win, in light of Who and what is on our side."

At the end of her presentation, I have to say, I was moved and I did feel empowered, thinking that if all the women took a stand against this, we could really make a difference. We were all given a printed card that was a card to take home, go over with our families and children and take an oath to make good choices, while online, while watching TV, etc.

Most of you know, I have a lot of kids, 7 to be exact. I took one look at that 5 x 7card and thought there is not enough room for all us to sign. So, I have made my own version and have used the exact same wording that was on the CLEAN & SAFE MEDIA PLEDGE, that was given to all 2,400 of us that were there.

My design in based on the free tote bag that, again, all of us attendees were given. I took one look at that bag and knew, that was a layout waiting to happen. Being that I was so inspired to do something about this pledge, I combined my inspirations for this project. If anyone has any questions about the pledge, just let me know! When IIG reveals this layout, I will have a whole blog post dedicated to my experience and things learned at this wonderful weekend I was blessed to attend! Hope you all like what I have done.

The PLEDGE is done on a transparency sheet. I was able to find an awesome frame at Michael's, for $3.00, WOW!! All the bluebirds, are done with a FISKARS punch I won from entering a FISKATEER contest. On each bird, you will find everyone of our signatures that we agree to take the MEDIA PLEDGE! There are 9 birds...9 of us agree to "keep our home a happy and healthy place to be." (Wording taken from the PLEDGE)


  1. Thanks Deb for posting this...This was something very important to me and close to my heart! Because it is our children we are protecting!!

  2. You are a talent! I could never look at a tote bag and create a layout from it... especially one as amazing as this! It looks like something you would buy in a store!
    Good for you and your family for standing up for what you believe in!

  3. I just posted a contest of sorts on my blog regarding this Post. I hope it inspires others to TAKE A STAND also.

  4. Great Job! It is really based on us women to change things! We have the honor of being moms and the obligation to teach our children and guide them to do right. I sure would love to go to something like that, maybe some day! Thank you so much. It really does start at home!

  5. Sent over from The Polka Cabana. Love this. Thank you so much. I will be joining the challange at The Polka Cabana and just wanted to thank you for the encouragement of this as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends to make this stand for our children.

  6. Thanks ladies..I can't wait to create things for any willing participants!!


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