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January 29, 2011

Bragging Rights for Grandma-Repost with Pics

Dearest Paparazzi, It came to my attention two times today that our blog has had a few "issues" this month. I know that BLogger does not charge us for the use of our blogs so I humbly just will repost this with pics and say Thanks for being here and enjoy the show ;)

Silvana may have made this book and keeps bragging rights for doing so, but think of how much Grammy will get when showing off this beauty! Here is what Silvana has to say about it...

For a while I have been wanting to make a little mini album for my grandma just with pics of her grandkids and great grandkids and I been collecting pics of my little cousins (I'm the oldest) for a few months , I was going to wait until I have all their pics but since I have been asking for a few months and they keep forgetting :( I decided to print the ones I have and stole some from their Facebook (ha ha ha) and I realize that I only was missing 2 cousins so I went ahead and did this MA(mini album) .... I call it "My grandkids"
I start with a 12" x 6" doubleside cardstock (blue and green) as my base so when I folded to make the pocket I got a 6" x 4" MA. Then I just add a few flaps in the inside for the pics and it was ready to decorate it....since the paper is already so pretty I didn't want to add too much stuff I just added a few flowers, some punch butterflies and some embellishments.
I love the way it came out and as soon as I get the other pics I'll send it to my Grammy ....I'm sure she'll like it .


  1. This is fabulous! Great colors and what a great gift idea! I just wish I had the patience to do something like it!

  2. ThanKs Deb for reposting this you didn't have to :)
    and thanks Doreen

  3. Now thats the way to do a mini. So darn cute.......

  4. Gorgeous paper choices!!! The coclors are fantastic and this is adorable!


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