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January 01, 2011


Welcome to IIG Doreen, home of the crazy challenge! Right gang?
I love what you came up with!

Wow! I have to admit that the “Crayon Rubbings” Challenge was just that – a challenge!!
I have never used crayons on my layouts and I haven’t used them, as a rub-on device, since my days as a little girl, pretending to be a fashion designer, w/ my rub-on fashion plates toy (which, by the way was my most favorite toy EVER!)!!
I thought about it for days before attempting anything. I knew I wanted to use a white background because then I could use any color and I thought that the rub-on effect would show better on white. That was the easy part! The hard part was finding something w/ a texture. I couldn’t believe it, but I really had nothing w/ texture in my house – NOTHING! How could that be? Of course I didn’t look everywhere but I looked enough. I even tried a few items thinking they would work but nope, they didn’t (if you were to see the back of my completed layout, you would see the failed attempts, LOL!). Since I wasn’t having any luck and I felt like a scrappy failure, I reached into my scrap stash and grabbed a leftover piece of patterned paper and adhered it to my background paper, not knowing how my final layout would look or even what picture I would scrap (something I never do!) But I did it so I can say I accomplished something!
I then sat back and just started looking at all my scrappy supplies. Eventually my eyes landed on my stencil stash. Too be honest, I don’t remember the last time I even touched my stencils…but this time they stood out to me. I thought, instead of putting them on top of my paper and tracing within the stencil, I should try putting it under the paper and rubbing over the stencil. It took some practice, but it worked! Yay! But I really didn’t like the way the coloring looked outside of the shape of the stencil so I cut away what I didn’t like and came up w/ a cute little flourish design. Then I thought, if I make more and line them up in a row, I can make a really pretty border! And that’s just what I did. Finally, since I have this “thing” for framing my pictures w/ “rings”, I took an old ring I cut out of paper and didn’t wind up using, and did a rubbing of it. I also cut out the extra coloring I didn’t like.
After seeing the final outcome of my crayon rubbings, I liked the soft almost charcoal look of them and thought a Halloween picture would be perfect for it, and I pulled out an old picture I never scrapped. Luckily my random piece of scrap paper had Halloween colors. Finally, I added a few extra embellishments, a title, and journaling and my layout was complete! And you know what? I really do love it! Great challenge! :0)


  1. Great project and great post!

  2. Beutiful LO..... I love the swirls and the way you place your pic!!!!!!

  3. I love the rubbings...worth all of the "trials" you had to do. Fashion plates were my favorite fact, I still have mine from when I was a kid, and my daughter plays with them! Happy New Year!

  4. This is such a great layout! Nice job, my dear! I see you were challenged by it, as I was. I always wanted those fashion plates and never got any! Now I may have to find some on ebay and buy them just to try them!!! I bet my girl would love them, too!!!

  5. This is beautiful! Love how you used the challenge! Said it before but will say it again, you have gorgeous handwriting!

  6. I had one of those fashion plates toys too! And absolutely loved it. Best girls toy ever.
    Love the challenge, and a fantastic layout! Uber-cool!
    Think I might have to try this one.


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