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January 03, 2011


This crayon rub layout features my mom and my daughter picking peas and eating them while smelling petunias in my mom's friendship garden in Montana. We go there every summer for a couple weeks.

To create the crayon rub, I took a sheet of scrap onion-like paper that came from somewhere (always a paper pack rat) and I first laid it on a tempered-glass cutting board (which by the way is bad for your knives) and I rubbed a brownish/burgundy color on it. My crayons have most of the labels gone due to it being fun for a 3-year old to take them off! Next I took out a piece of really thick embossed vellum that had French cursive writing on it and did a rub with a purple and then moved the paper and did a rub with black. I then placed that paper on top of a pinkish piece of printed paper and then onto the background sheet. I love how the crayon rub gives the page some real texture and it was fun to see what I could use to make textures with right under my nose!

The little garden fairy is paper pieced from a Cricut cutout and a vintage picture of some woman from long ago found in one of my clip art books. The flower cut outs are also from another clip art book I have. I just chalked the images a little to match the colors of the layout.


  1. This was definitely one of the hardest challenges I've ever done. It was so hard to find a texture that would lend itself to the entire layout! I think I had to take an ibuprofen after that! LOL!

  2. I had a hard time w/ this challenge myself!
    Love the feminine feel of this!

  3. Such a cute picture!!!! Great way to use crayons!!!

  4. i love this natalie! the layers,colors,ok.. it is all are fab!


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