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March 16, 2011

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® Challenge: Silvana

What an awesome plan Silvana came up with when she decide to make identical layouts for her children! I think you will see exactly what I mean! Both are really special!

When I read about this challenge called "Absolutely incredible kids day" and that we have to do a LO and write a letter to an incredible kid in our lives, I knew I would have to do something about my kids ( the only incredible kids I really know he he he) but how do I choose???? They are both so incredible in their own way. First I decided to scrap a pic of my 2 kids together and when I got to the part of writing the letter I got stuck should I write two letters and put in one envelope? or half letter for Andy and half for Mia ? one for both? ahh!!! I couldn't decide so my LO ended up sitting in my desk for a few day.... then I got a package in the mail of new photos from Snapfish that I had ordered and while looking at the pics my eyes landed on these 2 , one of Mia in her tuto and this other one of Andy with nice combed hair both with the same background and immediately I knew these were the pics I wanted to scrap for this challenge.

I decided to start from zero and do almost 2 exact LOs just in the feminine and masculine version. And I loveeeee what I did... I have never done this before and was very fun trying to match every little thing in the 2 LOs just in different color.... I really think everyone should give it a try.

After I choose my base brown cardstock , I cut a frame and doodled around it , used a punch for the stripe paper and added a little border . I decided to place both pictures over a yellow cardstock and place in the page with 3D dots so I can hide under the pics ,the letter ( if you haven't notice I like to hide my journalings, I just picture my kids all grow up looking at their scrapbooks and finding these little journalings, a cute thing just for them :D ) So I made this big tag (which can be pulled out from under the picture) and place the letter there . And that's all , really happy with my pages :)

Hey girls by the way if someone is interested I"ll be putting in my blog a tutorial of "how to make a none-sew tuto" the one my daugther is wearing in the picture, so came and visit me.


  1. These are great! I love the hidden journaling!

  2. Great idea! I'm drooling over her beautiful handwriting. What a great font that would be! *smile*

  3. I love the same LO idea for both kids. I think I need to go write a letter to each of my kids. One girl and one boy.

  4. Precious is the perfect word for these layouts Silvana


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