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March 21, 2011

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®: Michelle

Today marks the last layout we have to show you for our monthly challenge. Now it is your turn!!! Show us what you can do with this awesome special day! You can enter here on, Fiskateers or feel free to send me an email to let me show you a pretty layout by our newest Groovy Chick, Michelle. Her daughter is a vision of loveliness...
For this challenge it was easy and odd how it came so easy after being so frustrated! I actually wasn't frustrated with my daughter, who this letter was written to. I was frustrated mainly with two current details of life: One, was dealing with the last two weeks of double shifts my husband was pulling. Second, was the whole house being hit with a stomach virus that didn't leave from a week. I left the house frustrated because finally hubby was home, but asleep on the couch dead to our world. I needed a break away for just an hour! So, I went and sat by the river. Pouted a bit and started writing my letter to my daughter.
It reads:
You are amazing! Your mind is never idle. You are always thinking about something. the ideas you come up with and you can't even write yet! You take pencil & paper scribble something down. Then hold up your scribble and sing away a perfect song. Now at just 4 years, you can remember jingles and songs. Driving me crazy asking who sings the song and what is the name of the song. Taylor Swift has been your favorite since 3. Maybe longer, just I know at 3, I noticed you singing her lines and picking her our anywhere. Even her songs after the first few notes! Your amazing! You raid my closet pulling out whatever you can find. usually it is my fancy shoes and come out announcing your getting married! Now, I sit here crying because of your spirit, determination and will. I love you and don't ever lose those qualities!

There was so much more to write and I know I could have expanded more. But that will be for the next letter I write to her!

On the Layout: I used Heidi Grace - Wildflowers Decor Stripe pattern paper cut into 2 1/2" wide strips and 10" in length edge distressed. The solid reverse was used for


  1. Beautiful layout Michelle, and your daughter looks like a princess.

  2. this page is so pretty! awesome job michelle!

  3. How sweet, such an adorable layout....

  4. Beautiful girl!!! and the layout is great!!!


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