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March 02, 2011

At Home with Silvana!

Part of the fun of scrapbooking is dreaming of a new, sometimes bigger, well-lit, and organized scrap space, at least with a great many people who are accustomed to scrapping from their corner, the dining room table, or the trunk of their car. I think it is always a good thing to get ideas on how others use the space they have been given to create. Let's check in with Silvana today and let her show us how she lights up her world.

Is this call recycling or reuprosing? well whatever it is called, LOL, I want to share with you what I did with an old know those floor lamps from Ikea that are cover in some kind of texture paper, they look really pretty when they are new, but with kids they don't last long :( .

One day I was about to throw mine in the trash went I said: Hey wait the minute!!! the electrical is fine, the base looks good!!! I only have to replace the paper !!! and that's exactly what I did ....I had this nice rice paper for a while which I was saving for something special but I didn't know what ... until I started this project. I used the whole length of the paper which was perfect because it cover the ligthbulbs. I wrapped the paper around then glued it and to cover the edges (which didn't look great). I used a few pieces of cardstock which I punch with a MS punch to match the rest of my scrap room decorations and voila a brand new floor lamp.

(You can see the old lamp in the picture where my son is playing with bubbles, that's the only pic I found where u can see the whole lamp).
(New lamp in my scraproom)

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous job! I think the new lamp looks better than the original design. You not only gained more light in your scrap room, where you can never have too much, but you saved the landfill from having one more thing in it!


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