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March 03, 2011

Save Your Scraps!

I scrapbook with a friend who told me one day that she throws her paper scraps away. GASP! I had to pick my jaw up as I find that scraps are still part of the paper we just "had to have". You too?

Let's see how Sarah used her scraps :) and say goodbye as she finishes her tour here on IIG. Thanks Sarah for everything!

I love making birthday cards. Or any type of card for that matter. What better way to use up some of those scraps we all have lying around? I make a rule that when I make a card, I has to be from scraps. Scrap paper, scrap ribbon, extra flowers I have lying around...all scraps! Not only do I get to use up some of my stash, my friends and family get wonderful, handmade cards that you can't buy in a store. It really helps their day feel special.

I made this card for my sister for her birthday. She loves pink and I had fun digging through all my pink stash to find the perfect products to go on it. She called me the day she received it and told me how much she loved it. Have you made a card recently? You should!


  1. awesome card sarah!!!!

  2. Really pretty!
    I have a huge box of scraps and hardly ever touch them! I just can't get my mind to think of a way to create w/ them!

  3. I usually made my cards form my scrap s too!!! Nice card Sarah =0

  4. I love your card Sarah! The alignment of the letters is perfect and really grabs my attention! I use my scraps too. It's easy because I store them on each shelf on top of the whole sheets, so I have to at least move them to get to my papers.


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