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March 05, 2011

So Long to Natalie

It is with much sadness I say so long to my dear online friend and groovy designer, Natalie. She has been here at IIG for over a year now and I have grown to care so much about her that I am already missing her! She is a beautiful person in and out and it shows in her art work each time I see something new. Please help me to say farewell as we bid her adieu.

Love ya Girl!

My 3 year old is a very dear person to me. I do tell her all the time. There will come a day where doubt will creep into her mind when I am long gone and she'll need some personal touch from me to keep her going. The letter I wrote to her just mentions a few of the things I love about her. It reads:
We've had some difficult times together during the last couple years. I've never been a mom before to a 2-3 year old and well, you're just being you! You are truly a gift from God! I love you...all of you! I love how you do everything in your own way. Mixing and matching what you see in the world and putting your own spin on it. I love how you run around naked before we can get you dressed or into PJs! I think it's funny how you love to brush your teeth 10 times a day if I'd let you! You are one of the cleanest kids I know! I love spending time with you, especially when we're both able to figure out what it is you really want! We are a great team! When I make bread or cookies, you just want to taste the batter and do the dishes! You love putting away the silverware while I put away the other dishes. I love how you love God! I watch you as you grow to know Him, and ask, "Why did God create us?" at three and a half years old! To which I reply, "So He could have a relationship with us, plain and simply, a Holy, loving relationship!" You amaze me on a daily basis and I would never want my life to be any different! I love being your mom, you bring out the best in me and sometimes, well, you know! Love, Mom

I used my Cricut Imagine to make the 12 x 12 paper background, the bracketed box floral designed paper, the title and sun as well as the envelope. I used Better Together cartridge for the Imagine and the envelope was made with patterned paper from the Imagine and then I used my Gypsy and Plantin Schoolbook for the envelope. I inked the edges of the bracketed box, put Stickles on the sun and title and inked the edges of the pictures after I used my Fiskars scissors to scrape the edges. I used rivets and my Crop-o-dile Big Bite to set them within the pictures. I used buttons from Wal-Mart and fiber for the envelope as well as page embellishments. The photos were printed on my Epson Picture Mate Deluxe printer this time. Hope you are inspired to include a layout like this in your albums often! Natalie


  1. i love the letter!!! something to cherish!

  2. we are going to miss you and your inspirational creations around here! Good luck in all you do!

  3. i will miss ya natalie!!! keep in touch!! jen t.

  4. Awww sweet letter!
    Goodbye and goodluck to you!

  5. Thanks! I am diving into life so I can come back into scrapping with some more inspiration! I have loved designing with all of you and have learned so much from this whole experience as well as from all of you.
    Deb has been a great mentor to me and I have been blessed by her and have been blessed by being a part of her life and praying for her and her family! So, just going to say..."See ya later!" no good byes!
    Love Natalie!

  6. See you later Natali =) and what a nice letter I'm sure your daugther will enjoy reading this after a few years

  7. Natalie, I miss you around!!! Visit us often! :)


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