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April 01, 2011

Celebrating Hans Christian Andersen:Silvana

Can you believe it is April already? It is time for a new challenge! This week I am going to show you the work of The Groovy Chicks as we celebrate Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Officially his birthday is April 2, now noted as International Children's Book Day . He wrote many many stories, fairy tales and poetry that I am sure we can remember back from childhood such as Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid.

Our challenge this month is to create a layout using a title from one of those stories...why not check one out at your local library and read to a child and help to celebrate literacy in our younger generations while you're at it :)It is National Literacy Month too!

Here is a list of other stories HCA wrote to help give you a jumpstart:

The Snow Queen
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Ugly Duckling
The Princess and the Pea
The Little Match Girl

Google for more, there are many to choose from! Create a lo and email or leave a link here :) Your prize if chosen by will be pictured on the right of this blog post -------------------->>>>>>>>>>

Here comes Silvana to start us off this month with her layout called The Butterfly. Let's check in with her so she can tell us all about it as well :)

I have made lots of layouts but this one is definately in my top 5 I really love how this page come out is so feminine and sweet. For this month challenge we have to choose a title from Hans christian Andersen "fairy tales and stories" and he has so many I was undecided between "the red shoes" and "the butterfly" didn't have the pics to go with it yet so I took some =)

The ones for the red shoes weren't great and I just love all the ones where my daugther is wearing her butterfly costume. This was her costume for last halloween but in all the pics from halloween she is either wearing a coat or you can't really appreciate her costume, that's the reason I took new ones and I am glad I did it =)

The colors I chose for my page were to match her costume so lots of pink and green ... I did the ruffle ribbon at the bottom of the pic which I love, a big and beautiful butterfly of course and the title was cut in my Cricut and that's all.

Have you done your HCA page? If not I invite you to do it and have some fun with it as I did :)


  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous colors and girly accents and of course your baby girl is a doll!

  2. That photo and your layout are adorable! Love Hans Christian Andersen stories. I'm always reminded of the old movie where he was played by Danny Kaye.

  3. Beautiful Love the stitching on the page!

  4. great challenge Deb!! I really have fun doing it!!!! And thanks girls =)

  5. Silvana, this is adorable! I absolutely love the challenge this month and so want to find enough time to create my Princess and her pea story.


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