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April 20, 2011

Cute Stamping!

Jen found a great stamp in her stash! Check this out...

Ok. Please don’t think I am corny, but I like to leave my dh notes/cards in his lunch bag . lol! But it is always so hard to find special cards that are masculine and so I whipped up this card to tell him I love him and this is what I came up with.(oh and I found this computer stamp in my stamp stash that I got from a garage sale...isn’t it super cute?!) Tfl!


  1. Jen that stamp is cute and so is the card! Not to mention the fact that you leave your hubby love notes! Corny or not it's a wonderful way to show someone how you feel about them! I'm sure he appreciates it too!

  2. TracyM #6773April 20, 2011

    Cute stamp, cute card and lovely lunch treat :)

  3. Super cute stamp and super cute card! You are soooo sweet!


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