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April 06, 2011

Hans Christian Andersen: Doreen

Doreen is checking in today with her HCA layout. She is sharing a personal story with all of us and let me just say how sorry I am for this loss in your life Doreen and also how amazing I think it is that you did something so important to me: rescue!

When presented w/ this challenge I was going to read each story and decide which most related to my life or part of my life.
There was 2 problems w/ that:
1> this guy wrote a lot of stories
2> most of them are sad or dark (well at least the ones I read were)

So I tried a different tactic, go thru the titles of his stories and pick the one that stood out to me. The first one that stood out to me was "The Daisy". I didn't know what that story was about but I knew I had a doggie named Daisy, and that I hadn't scrapped her in a while so I chose that one!

The layout I created of Daisy is a couple of pics of her that are really "in your face". I did that because my journaling reveals how the first time I saw her I actually thought she was scary-looking!!
(Not knowing her and seeing that face, don't you think so too?)

Let me give you some background on Daisy: My grandfather passed away 2 years ago and he left behind 2 doggies, Ivanna - my little poodle (and now BFF), and Daisy. Of course I fell in love w/ Ivanna cuz she was a little cutie pie but Daisy? Yikes! Did I tell you I am afraid of dogs? Well I am, and when I saw this giant crazy looking dog, I was afraid. But out of the kindness of my heart I took both of them in. At the time it was temporary until my mom could find them another home...well 2 years later they are still here LOL! Love them! :0)

The journaling reads: "When I first saw Daisy I thought she was scary-looking. Now that I know her I realize she is a really sweet and loving dog!"

Oh, and I did read the story of "The Daisy" and of course it was sad. Man that Hans Christian Anderson had some issues! LOL!

**Papers and journaling tags came from the Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 paper pack. The sketch I used came from "Lets Capture These Sketches"**


  1. doreen i love this page! so sorry for the loss of your grandpa ! i am sure he would be happy to know that you are loving and caring for his dogs!

  2. Such a wonderful layout Doreen, to go with a wonderful story! Your grandfather would be so proud of you, getting past your fear to adopt Daisy and Ivanna. I am a major dog lover and I look at Daisy's picture and just want to reach out and hug her. They are very lucky little girls.

  3. Doreen, what a heartwarming story...thank you so much for sharing it with us :) and you've done Daisy proud with a wonderful layout!

  4. AWWW!!!! suach a cute dog and that story is so lovely!!! great layout =)

  5. Great story! Is Daisy a boxer? My son has one that looks just like her. She is such a horse! He also has a Bichon which is a smaller dog and they all recently came to live with us. I can totally relate to having to adjust to having new house mates! Love your layout...she looks like a wonderful dog!


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