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April 22, 2011

Have a Happy Earth Day!

Are you celebrating Earth today? No matter where you live or are visiting you can celebrate today!

I began celebrating by going through my scraps box last night and punched out as many shapes as possible with pieces of paper that otherwise would have headed for the trash can. I threw away anything that had gotten dirty, then sorted the paper into two piles: one for cards, the other for little touches on a scrapbook layout. It felt great to reorganize and not create a lot of trash!!!

I also wanted to give you a heads-up about something I read. Picnic for the Planet mentions attending or having a picnic to show love for our bodies and our earth by eating nutritious food grown locally, eating smart, and getting outside. I am ALL for that! I am a strict vegetarian so fruits and veggies are best buds of mine and well I'm sort of a tree hugger too ") So today I will be treating myself and my little daughter to a picnic and I think I might just go and hug a beautiful tree and thank her for all the she provides. Don't laugh! Since trees generously provide paper for we paper crafters we have to be aware that we should plant more trees and be sure to use what we need and make as little waste as possible.

I hope you go outside today if you get the time and have a picnic too :) Don't forget to reuse glass jars, cut down on plastic where possible and to never ever ever litter. It is groovy to be green!


  1. happy earth day to you also and it is too cold for a picnic today...HA...but maybe when it warms up!!

  2. I didn't have any picnic plans but i did find a surprise by our main entrance! Deb, Check out my blog I posted pics!

  3. I just wanted to note that I planted a tree =) thanks to Lowes for the free trees. I do all I can to help the earth so my Daughter and hers, can have a wonderful world to live in! thanks Mother nature for all that you do and give.


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