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May 16, 2011


Doreen is here with a trick for our treat!

Overlapping is my Friend
-Halloween Age 6-

Hi All!

First of all, I know it's a bit strange that I scrapped Halloween pics when its Springtime but you gotta scrap what inspires you and, as you can see, these pics are from 2007 so they needed to be scrapped!
Since I scrap what inspires me and not chronologically, expect a lot of this from me!

Now to get to the meaning of my title 'overlapping is my friend'...
I was having such a hard time getting these pics to look right on my layout! Soooooooo hard! Because 2 were horizontal and 2 were vertical I could not get them to look asthetically pleasing when I laid the photos down straight and evenly spaced apart. I literally spent about 20 mins just trying to get the pics in a position that I liked! Seriously thats a lot of time when you don't have much to spare! So frustrated I just randomly piled the pics on top of each other, and well golly-gee-wilikers....I liked it! Sure I had to arrange them a bit to make sure I didn't cover too much of each pic and that they looked balanced but other than that there was no fuss. I then carried on the overlapping technique w/ my skull embellie, which I got off the internet, and my 'life rocks' word bubble embellie.
And although the title and borders do not technically overlap w/ each other, the closeness of them kinda gives them the same feeling.

All this overlapping also allowed lots of negative space w/out having to remove any of the pics or embellies and I love negative space!
So as I said, overlapping is my friend...perhaps I can even go so far as to say it is my BFF, LOL!


  1. Looks great! Love how you ended up placing the photos!

  2. Doreen - Love this lo!!! The colors, the pics of her and how you did the title! Great page!


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