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May 29, 2011

Hand Written Journaling

To journal is really important to a layout, we know that...have you considered having someone else write it for you? I decided after I made this layout to have my daughter to write her take on what was going on that caused this photo. So many people say they don't like their own handwriting, but to me no matter what it looks like, flavor is added to the layout. My daughter not once said to me that she doesn't like hers, lol! Try having someone else do it for you!


  1. Great idea Deb! BTW I hate my handwriting too, despite the fact that I constantly get complimented on it!

  2. I love journaling, but my writing changes every time I pick up the pen. LOL! I love your idea of having your daughter journal the moment. It adds a great touch to the layout. Oh, and I love the layout!


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