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May 05, 2011

What Color Are You? Silvana

When you begin creating a scrapbook page do you start by choosing the photo? Most people do and then try to get colors that are similar to the colors found in the photos. Are you scared of creating a lo with no color as the main start to your project? Have you taken the quiz to playlong with us this month? We hope so and are waiting on your creationg! If you did and ended up with the color white let us know if it was a difficult task or just the opposite??

I think Silvana did a fantastic job when she took on this challenge! Her layout is so elegant and one I am sure Mia Isabella will absolutely cherish one day in the future!!!

I'm so thankful for this challenge, me? a white layout? never in a million years!!!!! just love fun and bright colors too much =).

For this month's challenge I took the quiz What color are you? and I got white ... I don't know if the answer was accurate for the most part ...but I'll take it as long as it says something nice about me LOL that was the fun part ....making a white layout was another thing ...I even thought of taking the quiz again to see if a get another color =) but I decide to stick with it and went to my desk to look for a picture and I choose this one of Mia Isabella at her first birthday just because she was wearing this white dress and it gave me a starting point then I took everything white that I have (paper, embellishments, flowers, etc) and what do you know ideas start pouring in. I was sure that a white page would be really hard for me to do, but I was completely wrong it was so easy and it even didn't tale me that long. I wanted to use a white emboss paper as a base but didn't have any =) so I used a border punch and make a couple of strips just to add some texture, also for texture and so my white flowers pop up a little I use paint in a butter-cream white color to make a circle and then add all the vines and flowers (cut with my Cricut)for a little bit of color. To match her dress I used baby pink and the final touch the white pearls =)......I LOVE this page, thanks again for this challenge Deb.
And What color are you? Go find out and show us what you can do =) maybe you be surprised like me and ended up making one of your favorites layouts.


  1. I love your layout - it is soooo pretty!
    As you know I had to use white too and it was difficult for me as well! But I love that we were able come up w/ 2 very different yet fab layouts (is it okay for me to say my layout was fab?!LOL!)!!!

  2. Beautiful Silvana! I am rustling through my old pictures in hopes of find one that will let me lift this layout. I love the subtle butter-cream and pink offsets. Of course, Mia Isabella is truly an angel and any layout that features her is going to be awesome.

  3. Thanks girls!!!! and Sandy let me know if you scrapft this LO I would loveeeee to see your take in it =)


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