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June 21, 2011

Raisin Boat: Distressed with Darlene

My girl is a sassy thing if I’ve ever seen one! She sure knows how to work her smarts and wit to get what she wants all right! Oh, what will I do with her as a teen? ::shakes head:: None the less, I am enjoying her as my sweet, cute, and lovable daughter at all of her stages. :))

I decided that this photo of Ally was so adorable that it demanded a layout of its own. :) She reminded me of a little rock star so I ran with that theme in this Raisin Boat background Distressed stamp (made with black and dark pink mists as the ink) and used many rub-ons (some from Glitz and Jenni Bowlin) in this layout on the star, border, title, and even some on the photo (which I thought looked like a neat chest tattoo. HAHA!). She does, after all, really ROCK! :)

Here is the stamp:


  1. Very cute! At first, this looked like a map to a city to me--guess it is the traveler in me!

  2. I really like the large background stamps and you did a clever job of using this one. I love the rub-on going right over the picture and all of the little details you added to give this special picture a great page of its own =)

  3. Neat idea to use the background stamp as your LO paper! I also like the rub-on going over the picture.

  4. Great layout Darlene and it really is the perfect kind of sassy for your princess. LOL! I love the way you used this stamp and would love the chance to try this myself (with the mists).


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