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June 26, 2011

Raisin Boat: Going in Circles,Talking in Circles with Heather

Here are the stamp sets:


  1. I love this!! The stamps are awesome and I love what you did with them.

  2. this is awesome!! love the creative stamping! it looks amazing! :)

  3. Love this card Heather! These two sets of stamps go together very well and you gave them magic!

  4. What a great card you made from all of those circles! I just love your card design! So far, I think this is the set I would really like to have the most. I like basic shapes because they are so versatile. I could stamp them and just punch them right out (with my Fiskars punches of course!)

    I really am liking all of the Raisin Boat stamp projects. I am not typically a stamper at heart, but seeing all of you using them in a way that I might actually use them, instead of some of the things I see in magazines that are just never going to happen with the stamp in my hand, has really made me these are projects I would enjoy making. Thank you so much for doing this month-long series. I think Raisin Boat picked the right people to show off their stamps for them!

  5. I keep saying it, LOVE the different than what is out there stamps that Raisin Boat have designed! I really like finding companies that are different that the same old same old. Thanks for introducing Raisin Boat to me!!!

  6. Another favorite! these are all so great!!!


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