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June 25, 2011

Raisin Boat: No Limits with Michelle

Stamped the thermometer on white cardstock and cut out. Colored in the red with a glitter gel pen.

Here is the stamp set:


  1. I can't read the journaling--am interested! Looks cool!

  2. Interesting stamp and I'm glad you found a great way to add it to your layout Michelle! The red glitter pen is a very nice effect.

  3. wow! i'd never know from looking at the layout that those embellishments are stamped!!! that is soo cool!!! :)

  4. This is the coolest set of stamps! (no pun intended! They are not a set I would have thought of myself and, yet, I just love them! Your LO is so great! I think we all have a few pictures that certainly deal with the weather where these would work. So many possibilities with all of the stamps. Your LO really made good use of them and you did a beautiful job!

    I do wish I could read the stamps with text. When I click on them, they are the same size as they are in my browser window. But the other stamps make them so cute, I am sure they say things that would fit right in!

  5. Love the use of the red glitter pen! What a cool stamp set and fun LO!

  6. Now that the page has been posted on IIG I will take some close ups and add them to my blog. You might also be able to see them better on RaisinBoat page?


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