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August 07, 2011

Recycle with Jen

O.k., so for any of you that know me personally...I am all about recycling! I try to even repurpose things so that they don’t have to go into the recycle bin :) sometimes this makes my dh a little crazy! Like just the other day..I had a cool jar from pasta sauce and my husband says to me....”no just put it in the recycle bin “- he knew my wheels were turning cause I was trying to figure out what I could reuse it! And so now that I am done yapping..I gave this tissue box new life by turning it into a photo cube with pics of my family.tfl!


  1. Very cool photo cube Deborah! I know just what you mean with your DH, but mine is still at the stage of asking, "Do you want this, or should I throw it away?" If I'm not home, he puts everything in a box that he thinks I might want. We recycle all paper products into new, homemade paper, so that one is easy.


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