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September 14, 2011

Bug Hunting

Let's visit with Michelle tonight!

I had taken pictures of my daughter all decked out with her bug finding gear. I had a paper pack in mind called, "Wings" only problem was her "BUG" hunt wasn't too successful as far as "BUGS" go! She did however find a bunch of snails and spiders! BUT I loved how the colors of her outfit and gear went with the papers.

I did a technique new to me using a spray pen. Not sure if there is a specific title to the technique. But it is a form of masking. By placing my acrylic sentiment stamp down on the paper to mask the area to be sprayed. I used my spray pen and sprayed the area. You can adjust the level of coverage you want just by spraying more or less. I allowed everything to dry: I left my stamp in place until the paper dried so I didn't create any smudging! After everything dried I cleaned off the stamp and attached it to a block, then stamped down my sentiment in the masked area left. Look for it on the center strip between my pictures....I had fun with this new technique and I am going to try is out again! I have already saved some of my pieces from the cut outs on my Cricut. By the way you can use just about anything. I have used the remains of my glue runners for misted gears...The possibilities are endless!


  1. adorable page! Goes perfect with the cute bug hunting outfit!!!

  2. This is a cool technique....I am thinking of trying this out with a toothbrush...


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