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September 17, 2011

Make Your Own!

Silvana did! Wanna see? Also, just a little note of thanks to Silvana for her awesome term here at IIG! It has now come to an end. We saw amazing projects from her this past year and it has been great working with her!

Went I need a quick handmade embellishment to finish or to cordinate a project I'll just get a huge paper clip some scraps, ribbon or whatever I have on hand and make one like these ones in the so easyyyyyyy probably only takes five minutes or less , I hope this idea is helpful and next time you need a emebellishment think of this.


  1. those are so cute silvana!! jen t.

  2. Thank you girls!!!! and a big thank you to Deb for the opportunity here in IIG , I love the few months I was here and the talented girls I got to meet and so thankful for all the inspiration........THANK YOU and see you around =)


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