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September 05, 2011

Message On My Hand: Tammy

So what to write on my hand? That came pretty easy for me...I am always telling everyone to "think positive". I truly believe that if you put "positive" thoughts out, you get them back. It's all a matter of attitude :) I like the idea of vision boards. You put thing on the board that you wish for, or desire. Seeing them and thinking about them can help you reach your goal. I went to Target and got a four pack of cork tiles. I used my Fiskar's cloud punches to punch some clouds and glues them down, and added a little Stickles. Then I glued a chipboard "dream" on top of that. Along the side I glued down a chipboard "wish", and with my I-Rock, I designed the rainbow swirls with some hot fix jewels. I poked holes in the top and threaded some ribbon through so I could hang it. Then I thumbtacked my picture of my hand with the words "think positive" on top. Now it was just a matter of tacking on some stuff I "desire" ;) I want to be a size 8 (got there in 2009, just need to focus!!!), I am going to a taping of "Ellen" soon, and I'm hoping we win tickets to the 12 Days of Christmas. I want a grandbaby :) And my dream for retirement is to buy a bike rental place in hubby is a bike guy, I think it would be perfect! What are your dreams?? Tammy


  1. Oh Tammy! I just LOVE this!! You have inspired me to create my own vision board. I also believe that you should "Think Positive". I agree that you get back what you put out.

  2. Great project and a saying I think sometimes I need stamped behind my eyelids!

  3. This is very cool. Fun to look at too!


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