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October 17, 2011

Enjoy Life.

A really great idea for a title, short and sweet, to the point :) That is exactly what Heather has done with this awesome 2 pager :)

Can't believe how long it has been since I done a 2 page layout!! Not sure why either because that is all that I used to do!! When I came across these pics of my husband snowboarding this winter, I liked them all and knew it was time to do a 2 pages again so that I could include all the pics without cropping anything out of the pics!

I loved the picture on the left side. Though it looks as if it is off center, that is part of what made it my fave!! I decided to make that the focus by putting it on one page. Then I cut the other 4 pictures down to "fit" each other and adhered to white cardstock. You can also make a collage in your photo programs to print like this. I however did it manually.

I knew I wanted to keep the lo simple. My husband does not like it when I over embellish lo's about him!! Especially when I use flowers and feathers! lol! Most of what I used on this layout was a paper collection (Pebbles I think?). I cut the "Enjoy Life" from the cricut and cut the shadow. I used buttons instead of the dots for the j and i. I inked a chipboard snowflake white and then added some stickers in the collection to the points. The 4 circles down the left side were stickers in the collection that I pop dotted to give some more dimension to the page. The last thing I did was use my white gel marker to make dots around the edges of the ????? (don't know the name of that shape - haha).

Some times it is best to just use the KISS method when Scrapping!!! KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid . . . or as I prefer to call it . . . Keep it Simple Scrapper!


  1. This turned out well, I like everything about it, the colors, the collage and the focal picture. We like to say KISS Keep it simple sweetie, I like keep it simple scrapper :)

  2. Love it! Love the colors, love the design! I call that shape a bracket, only because I don't know what it's called either ;) and when you cut it in half like that, it sorta looks like a bracket { } LOL

  3. love the whole design and colors! ! great two pager heather!!! jen t. :)

  4. Great LO! I love doing them when I have something in mind. Oh and the pictures to fill the 2 pages too! Whenever my hubby peeks into what I have been up to. He will say, "I thought you weren't going to do one pic or one pages anymore!"


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