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November 03, 2011

My Scrappy Style: Tammy

When we were asked to do a layout with our "scrappy style", I struggled a little. I looked up styles, and didn't feel I fit into one sort of style. I change all the time, and go back to old ones, and love finding new styles to try. So I did mine to show my "scrappy formula" LOL! I have things I do on most of my pages no matter what style I use for that layout.
1. Two pagers. I always do two old habit that is hard for me to break.

2. Sketches, I love following sketches. Sometimes I use a two page sketch, and sometimes I use two one page sketches that I think work together. I used a Pagemaps sketch for this, and I used it as a suggestion, and changed it up a little. I love Pagemaps :) Sometimes I like to scraplift too...which to me is like using a sketch.

3. I scrap in order. If I'm doing a book, I hate to scrap out of page order (I have OCD, and it hurts my head LOL!). This summer I decided to work on four books at a time, so that I don't get bored, but I still scrap each one in order.

4. I love to embellish, sometimes to the extreme! I love clustering my embellies too! I used Little Yellow Bicycle and American Crafts on this layout.


  1. awesome layout! love it! I love following sketches too..makes life simpler:)

  2. I like how you came up with your formula, when you know your process it speeds things up. I love to use sketches and I really love Pagemaps. I am usually a 2 pgr but lately I've been doing a lot more single page layouts. Like you said, it is always changing.


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