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February 18, 2012

Tribute to Whitney Houston

What sad news we all received around the world last weekend when learning of Whitney Houston's passing. Although it was public knowledge that she had her struggles with substance abuse, it is my hope that it is found that it was not a cause for her death. She was so instrumental with her angelic voice when she came bursting onto the scene in the 1980's. Seriously, I am not sure if we ever had such a beautiful voice as that and we 80's chicks definitely looked up to her! The Body Guard has long been on my top 5 movie list of all time and I seriously respected her talent. What a loss to those who knew her and those who enjoyed her music and acting.

I asked those Groovy Chicks who had some time this week to create something in tribute to the beautiful Miss Whitney and below we will show what we came up with. Sending many blessing and prayers to her family.


Here is another layout (yay!) for my wedding album! We celebrate 18 years in April...'bout time dontchathink??? I was inspired by Whitney's "I Will Always Love You"


Tammy and I chose the same song for inspiration. Here is her beautiful "I Will Always Love You".


Jean chose my favorite Whitney song of all time, "Saving All My Love for You".


Heather has chosen another beautiful classic, " The Greatest Love of All"

If you would like to take part in leaving love for Whitney follow this link where you can see thousands of fans have been doing the same:


  1. Her voice was unlike any other and drugs took that away from us! So sad! She will find peace now, I hope!

  2. Just finished watching the Bodyguard - one of Dh's fave movies.Love seeing what everyone did for this.

  3. What a sweet tribute. I remember having all of her tapes back in the day, I just loved her!

  4. You ladies did a wonderful job on this tribute! I'm sure she would be proud just knowing you too the time to make something in her honor! Love Penny


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