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April 18, 2012

3 Cheers for Mom!!!

What a wonderful project Michelle has made in honor of her mom, but even more wonderful to me is the beautiful words written about her talented mom!!!

My mom is a sewing queen! She tells me I can do it too all the time!

But I know and I am sure others get the same thoughts and feelings, about their Mom's. "Mom does it better, quicker and can do it without even thinking!"

So, when it comes to alterations, curtains, fabric rolled blinds, pants hemmed, etc. It is usually a "Mom can you get this for me!"

Well, here is a card I made with her in mind...
She was trained as a pattern maker before the digital age.
Worked as a Seamstress for a dry cleaner, bridal shop & word of mouth jobs when we were young.
So, there was always fabric scraps, trims and buttons to play with....BUT the best was her dress form! I would pull out the fabrics and pins and attach them to the dress form and call Mom in to she if she could make my pinned together creations!

Back to Mom, she opened a Bridal business first out of the house and then a store front. Then later went back into pattern making in the digital age. Learned the digital systems and made mock up of those patterns. Just writing this up, amazes me because there is so much she has done......I need to get all those other details and the pictures to show all her creations and beautiful work!

So, Mom gets the credit for sparking my creativity at a young age!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely card and wonderful that your Mother is so supportive.


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