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June 11, 2012

Save that!

How far will 50 cents go today? Not very huh? I think when we want to continue with our hobby that we need to make sure we think creatively in our spending as well. Penny has done that with this project!

When I made this card, I used a trick I have been using for years! The car photo was actually cut from a small monthly calendar!  Sometimes it can be hard to find good men's images for cards, but you can find GREAT men's images from these small calenders, and this calender only cost me .50. So for .50 I have at least 12 car images. (usually its more than that because you can use the images on the cover and the back of the calender as well) I have found these also with images of tractors, boats, travel theme, dog, cats, flowers etc...  They are probably not acid free but this has no worry for me since it's used on a card instead on in my scrapbook.

Supplies for this card include:
Maroon and white cardstock
Fiskars border punch
Maroon ribbon
Hello sticker - this is on the inside
Quote sticker on front - this was a "super old" part of my stash and was a photo corner sticker, but I cut it, put in it back together in a straight line and used it that way instead.
Calendar image - Mine were were purchased at Dollar General.


  1. Great idea, Deb! Love your card and your color choice is so fab!

  2. That is a great idea! Love that border punch too. A few months into the year you can get calenders downright cheap! I have also snagged some really cute cards at Pier 1 for 28 cents. Gave them a crafty makeover with a few embellishments and made them really special...


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