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August 08, 2012

Junk Drawer: Michelle

Once thing I am happy about our current smaller kitchen is...
I have no Junk Drawer! I have only 4 drawers in the kitchen here, which are all in one unit! CRAZY, right! That's what I thought when I started unpacking...I like have a minimal amount of things on the counter. How am I got to keep the sharp utensils out of reach? And my appliances tucked away? Especially since my old kitchen had 18 cabinets total with 6 drawers.
I do have a Message Basket if you want to call it that! Take Junk sneaks into. It holds pens, notepads, stapler, tape, paperclips and random things. This is where I tuck my bread tags into until I move them for crafting. I was saving the onion mesh/garlic mesh bags for my daughter who loves making bird suet to put out. So, why not add an Avocado mesh bag to the mix.

I was hosting "Family Dinner" which is the immediate family of my husband's side and their families. So, it can vary from 14 people to 22 people if they include an Aunt and her crew. I love Mexican Fare and it is easy to do for a number that my vary. Guacamole is a fave for a good number of us! I have gotten great raves about making it. Really it is all about getting ripe Avocados and a mix, nothing to it!

Page was simple layout cutting the pattern paper to 9 1/2 square attached centered to base cardstock. Trimmed my pictures and placed them collage style.
I placed my Avocado mesh by using my tape runner applied to the back of my base page and then applying another swipe of tape to a scrap piece of cardstock to secure and keep in place. Repeat process on opposite corner to create the oversized photo corner.
For the Bread Tag Title I applied the tape to the base paper stuck down the piece of mesh and using Glue Dots attached the Bread Tags.

Making Guacamole


  1. How fun is this?! LOVE the texture and the title, your junk basket really "guacs"!

  2. That is such a clever layout! Great use of ephemera!

  3. Great layout. Guac is a big part of our cuisine and I love using stuff like you did to add to layouts! Stamping them is fun, too!


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