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September 25, 2012

Simon Says, Scrapbook Style

Have you ever been given a supply list and set of  instructions to create a layout blindly? Well if you would like to try it for  the first time here are the instructions  I gave to the Lift Off! players of the Fiskateer board who were trusting me with the instructions a few steps at a time.I will also include my layout and a little info about it. Let me know if you try this and I will show it here on IIG!

You were asked to choose 3 coordinating papers. Now decide which one will be the left and which will be the right side.
The third piece of coordinating paper will now be used to cut out three shapes of your choosing. You were asked to have a template to trace and now you will do the tracing and then cut them out.
Also  use the border punch you were asked to have ready cutting two strips of your choice in size but border punch each of them on one side.
SAVE THOSE SCRAPS! See you later for the next step! Blasting off to bed! Deb♥
Using that piece of paper you were left with, now punch with your mini punch 14 shapes. Set aside with the pieces from early steps.Still keep any leftovers :)
Using your neutral piece of cardstock, cut 2 pieces that are 5x7
Use your floss and thread each button
Adhere the buttons to the cut out shapes, set aside
fold, crimp, or bend your border strips, set aside
Attach a pic to each 5x7 neutral you cut earlier
Take  your foam stamp and stamp two corners on your left side paper and two corners on your right side paper. Ink  up  well enough to stamp again over the image you first stamped so it looks as though there is a shadow of  the same image
While you have the ink out, ink  the inside flap of your envelope and all around  the edges of your paper
Using leftover scraps from earlier decorate the outside flap of your envelope
Add the envelope to the back of one of your pics that has a neutral background attached. You will want the envelope to be attached where the inside of the flap shows.
Take out your corner rounder and use it on your journal card and add it to the inside of the envelope.
Attach that photo/envelope to the left page.
Attach the other 5x7 to the right side page along with the other two pics.
Attach the little mini punched pieces around the pic on the left page
Attach the template shapes anywhere you would like
Attach one of the border strips to the outside of one of your 5x7 pics on the left side and do the same on the right
Journal on your card
Create a title and add to the page(s) wherever you like

Kristen is very involved in her International Thespian Society and at each banquet they decide on a  theme and dress up to it. Here she is  dressed up for the banquet of  2012 where the theme is Mystical Creatures and she is an Encandato.


  1. Hey Deb!!!! I miss you and your gorgeous creations!!! Didn't scrap for over a year but gonna be lurkin' your blog for inspiration since I'm back scrappin' away ;)

  2. Love the colors on this! Have never scrapped like that.

  3. These are so fun! Love the way this layout turned out. I have done these but with only 6 or 7 steps.


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