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November 15, 2012

Pear Pickin'

Do you have your Thanksgiving menu prepared yet? It is coming up so soon and seeing this layout makes me think that pears would be a great addition to the table this year! You too? Deb♥

Kelly said: In Texas during the fall, we don't have as many apple farms to pick from but we do have tons of pears. We went to visit our friend who has chickens for fresh eggs and she took us to a friend of hers that had pears where we picked a lot. We had the best time searching for and picking pears as well as cooking up some yummy pear desserts. Have fun and create a fall layout that represents your neck of the woods. :) Picking Pears


  1. I don't like apples but I love pears! So interesting to see a layout about picking them!

  2. I've never seen a pear tree. It looks like fun and I love that your friend's friend opened their doors to you too. I don't know about doing a fall layout for Arizona. It goes from hot to cold in one week and only takes 2 weeks for all the trees to loose their leaves. LOL!

  3. Gorgeous layout!! Love the design and the added embellies!


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