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December 16, 2012

Bath Time at Heather's!

With a house full of boys I  bet Heather's bathroom is never free! Can you image them as teenagers?Prepare yourself Heather!!!

We just redone our bathroom!  It has been decorated with Mickey Mouse since we moved in over 7 years ago.  We left what the former owners had done.  But I was ready to move on.  So we tore out the MM border and painted the lower half of the wall teal with chocolate brown trim around doors and floorboards.  Added a chocolate brown chair rail and then put up some new decor.

However, in the process, I was trying to save some money!  So, I took some shoebox lids from my boys' new boots.  I covered it with scrapbook paper that matched.  I then cut the word "Bath" on my Cricut and adhered it to the bottom corner.  Set on a shelf in the corner of my half bath!

Could have bought a canvas and done the same thing, but why do that? I have shoebox lids that work the same way and costs nothing!  Hope this gives you an idea of how to recycle something that would normally end up in the trash!
Bath sign

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