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January 28, 2013

Bow Making with Kelly

As part of our birthday celebration, Kelly would like to share how to make your own beautiful bows. Let's get started!

Time to celebrate some more this month and save some money by making your own bows out of scrapbook paper, old magazines or wrapping paper. :)

I came across 2 different types of bows you can create using scrapbook (thin!) paper, magazine ads or wrapping paper. I absolutely LOVE this as you can make it with any color/print you like and you are recycling, not to mention it is super cheap. :) I made all of the following bows in 30 min and I believe it could be even quicker as I was taking pictures, etc. Also, these bows are larger than the bags of cheap bows you buy, averaging 4" for the paper bows and about 6" or larger for the curly bows. Ok, let's get to work and make our bows.

How to make a Paper Bow out of scrapbook paper or magazine ads:

Materials needed:
paper trimmer
glue dots or ATG Gun (I used glue dots on the scrapbook paper and ATG on the thin, magazine paper)
scotch tape (optional)
Tutorial 6a

Step 1: Cut 9 strips of scrapbook or magazine paper 3/4" width.
Leave the 1st 3 strips full length.
Cut one inch off of the next 3 strips.
Cut two inches off of the next 2 strips.
Cut the last strip down to 3 1/2" long.

Tutorial 6b
Tutorial 6c

Step 2: Twist the strips and gather in the center, then staple together. Use scotch tape or a glue dot for the smallest center piece.

Tutorial 6d

Tutorial 6e
Step 3: Arrange the 1st 3 long pieces on top of each other, gluing in place. Continue until all pieces have been added in order by length with the small circle in the center. I used scotch tape to to hold the circle together, then a glue dot to put in place.

Here are 3 different magazine ads and bows from the same steps above (love reusing/recycling and look how vibrant the colors are!):

Tutorial 7a
Tutorial 7b
How to make a curly bow:

Same materials as above.

Tutorial 5a
Step 1: Cut 6-10 thin (1/2" worked great for me) strips out of magazine paper or wrapping paper (great for leftovers!)
Step 2: Use your scissors to curl the paper just like you do for curly ribbon that you buy.

Tutorial 5b
Step 3: Arrange all of the pieces in the center together with your finger and staple or tape. I preferred to staple since I was adding another on top of this to give a larger bow.
Step 4: Attach the curly ribbon with tape to your gift.

Tutorial 5c
I thought this would make a great birthday bow and how awesome that it came from one magazine ad in my scrapbook etc. magazine! Please give this a try as I think you will find it SUPER EASY AND QUICK and the possibilities are endless!!! Not to mention how your bows will be so unique!

1 comment:

  1. Gosh! I never realized I could curl a magazine strip the same way I do ribbon. Very cool and I love both styles of bows. Thank you Kelly!


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