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January 06, 2013

How to by Wendy

A fave from Wendy today!!!

This is one of my favorite ways to wrap up a gift card!

I used my Cutter Bee Cutting System for this one.
I started out by using this template and these measurements:

I chose some specialty paper for the holidays.  This really shiny paper is fabulous!
I cut each sheet into an 8" x 8" piece.
You only need one sheet for each box.

You will need to score the sheet at the 3.75" mark, the 7.5" mark.
Using the template, score and cut an arch at the ends of these sections as indicated.

Use the .5" end to adhere the ends together.  Fold in one side of the score arc and adhere. 
Fill the pillow with candy and gift card.  Then fold in the other side of the scored arc and adhere.

I then added some shiny ribbons to match the papers I used.  As a final touch, I added some chipboard stickers and a small gift tag.

I hope you like it!  This is my favorite!!

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