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February 04, 2013

Tearfully Saying Goodbye

It is with a bit of sadness and a heavy heart that I wrote today to say that If It's Groovy will no longer have a design team. Through NO FAULT of their own,  I have decided to stop having a  DT here on IIG, only because I need some time to slow down. Since my mother;s passing at the end of July I have not taken the time I feel as though I personally need to sort through what all happened,  why, and how broken hearted I am.

My father needs me around more to help  him. I am busy with my kids and every time I talk to my dad he seems stressed that I am busy running them up and down the road to do the things that are normal to them. This shows me that I need to spend more time there and away from my computer  too.

It's not just that, I am trying to recover from a hysterectomy a few weeks ago and although my incisions are doing well,  I am more tired than I have ever been and I think my body is screaming for me to chill out.

I will miss each and every designer who has come through the proverbial doors of this blog. These ladies have been so helpful at so many times. I truly hope in the fours years since I started this blog that you have been inspired and had fun watching to see what our new challenge would be. We certainly have had a lot of fun. Please visit each one on her  blog and  see what is coming up  for her next :)

Take care everyone and know that I am grateful for every one of you who have been loyal designers and followers.



  1. Thank you for all you have done! Take care of yourself! We will see each other around!

  2. Take Care Deb - will sure miss you!! xx

  3. Thank you for what you have offered. I'm sorry for the circumstances, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing. And remember that the incision is only the outside, there's everything inside that has to heal, and you have to take it easy!!! Take care of yourself.Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Aww take care!!!!! Home life is the truly MOST important thing!!!!

  5. I will miss your posts and Rosie is very sad that you are feeling bad and missing your Momma. Hugs sweet Friend.

  6. Have trust in God that you are doing the right thing for you right now. Of course we will all miss you and your teams' challenges, but we will march on. YOU are what is important...sending you love, hugs, and blessings.

  7. Thank you so much dear friends :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Huge hugs and as always, what's best for you is what we care the most about.

  10. I am glad you are taking the time that you need. Although I love your blog and love all that the DT's have done here. You need this time more than anything. I believe more than anything at this point in my life, if I had stopped and took the time things would most likely been a lil easier today. Right now you need to take this time to take care of yourself. Everyone will still be here one way or another. Hugs send your way....

  11. Congratulations on 4 wonderful years. Take the time that you need - we'll all be here if and when you resume. :)

  12. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many of us! Family comes before paper. I'm glad you are taking that to heart, sometimes we wait too long to make this hard decision. Prayers for specials times with your dad and family. God bless, be well and see you soon~

  13. ah, Groovy, I am sorry to hear this but understand your need. You must take care of yourself and your family. You take your time and when you are ready, come back. Sending your hugs, my friend.

  14. Deb, I was stopping by to check out what the blog has been up to (I hardly ever check out blogs anymore. Whats yup with that?! Shame on me). I'm so very sorry about your mother. I can see ending the design team was a difficult decision for you. You've been having it tough lately and I think we in blogland all understand. Hugs to you my friend.

    PS. I'm glad you are still scrapping and sharing with us too. :)

  15. Oh my... where have I been!?! So sorry to hear about your loss for starters. I just want you to know that because of you I kept my art alive... I loved being on your design team forever ago! It was so much fun and I learned a lot. You are such a sweet and caring person and I am very happy to hear that you are finally taking some time out for yourself! Good luck with everything! Keep in touch!!!


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