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February 18, 2011

A Beautiful Layout from Natalie

From the oversized tag to the chipboard letters and beautiful pics...this is a great lo with a great message as well. Natalie reminds us of something important. Contact your local Humane Society or shelter if you are looking for a life-long pet, but be sure to ask how the animal you pick is with other members of families such as children and other pets. They will do your best to provide the proper info and connect you with a friend with fur!

This layout was hard to make. The day before I did it, I had to relinquish the cat in the picture, to the Humane Society in our county. He was a lovey kitty, but very aggressive. He had bitten me twice, once I excused because he had been riled up by our older cats as we were trying to acclimate him into our home. He was a feral cat and we were trying to domesticate him. He sealed his fate the other day by attacking my daughter in our yard and biting her several times and scratching her on the abdomen. She admitted to poking him and playing a little rough. She is only 3 and I had to choose. Letting a cat overrun our yard where we want to be free from fear or give him away. There are many people in our county with land and they get these cats and feed them. We did neuter him to begin with as we wanted to help stop the feral cat problem as much as we could.

My daughter loves to play outside and plant things, now she can without the fear of being bitten or harassed. Let this remind all of us that it is oh so important to support the efforts of your local animal advocate groups in spaying and neutering feral cats and adopting animals from shelters. Both of my indoor cats consist of a shelter rescue and a feral rescue.

The layout is inspired from one of my sketches. I used my Cricut and Gypsy to cut out the title, bird, and birdcage. The title is from Storybook cart, and the bird and cage are from Serenity. The large "tag" has a pocket behind it holding a letter to my daughter explaining what happened and why we had to let the kitty go. I inked the edges of everything and used the Xyron 1.5" Create a Sticker for attaching the letters to the page. 3D pop dots where used with the bird and cage.

It looks as though birds are still trending this year and I patterned mine after an uncaged canary!

1 comment:

  1. I love this layout Natalie! Everything from the colors to the patterns to the pictures and tag, is totally perfect! I love that you included a letter to your daughter to explain about the kitty, and cudos to you for rescuing even when it doesn't always work out.


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