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May 03, 2020

Staying Home because of COVID 19

Blogland I am willing to bet by now you are just as tired as I am because we are all doing our best to stay home. I miss my normal routine, although I don't like being chained to it either. I am a SAHM who has been homeschooling for umpteen years and I have one daughter at home to take care of. She is a dancer so we are at dance three nights each week, then Saturdays too for practice of opening and finale...usually.

Dance came to an abrupt halt when our governor finally made the decision to close down VA. I have watched as the numbers grow each day in every city and county in my state. Numbers of people who have gotten the disease, struggling and those who were lost due to it. It is unreal. I have never in my many years seen anything like this. I hope we never do again.

The schools closed down and to the kids who were looking forward to prom or senior trips, this must be a huge let down, but it is nowhere as bad as those who are watching their family lose battles to this dreadfulness.  This too shall pass I keep hearing, yet more and more people are going out and spreading this mess without even realizing it.Still I remain hopeful that many good things have happened because of this.

Let's See:

1.Families have spent more time together than they ever might have imagined!

2.Hubbies got projects completed that were way down the Honey-Do list!

3. No school where you pick up a zillion germs!

4. Saving money on gas! It is like $1.49 where I live. That is not much more than it was in the mid-nineties!

5.Churches have made a lot more podcasts that reach those who cannot get out!

6.People are actually being nicer when you speak in public. Strangers are being polite! It is WILD!!!

7.Grocery stores are actually cleaning their carts!


I hope whoever YOU are that still reads blogs is staying safe and well, and your friends and families too!


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