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March 30, 2009

Celebrating Grandma Carrie

I have a sad memory of Grandma CArrie. When I was only four years old I attended my first funeral and it was hers :( I remember that we were given cookies and I also remember walking up and seing her and learning then that she had lost a leg. What a horrible way to remember a great grandmother who was indeed a GREAT grandmother. From the stories I heard she was loving and generous and had a nice, warm bed that she would put stones into for heat and that she could cook the best fried potatoes on Earth. Now that is the way to be remembered! How sad that she passed away before I could learn more about her Native American history. I also have heard many times that she asked about me and my twin sister wanting to know how we were doing since the nursing home she lived in would not allow us there. What a tragedy! I celebrate you today Grandma Carrie! How I wish I had not been kept from you so that my memories would be happier ones.

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