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March 16, 2009

Celebrating Grandmother Louvinia Lineberry

I am blessed to have aquired a picture such as this. To me, this picture represents the hard work and toil on a woman's face who would become my great-great grandmother. I wonder did she think about the generations of grandchildren that would follow in her footsteps. When I see this picture I see where our family gets the dark, Cherokee hair that I refer to as my "Cherokee Roots".

I wish I had the chance to know her and learn more about her life. At most I can guess what her life would have been like based the fact that she spent her life in the mountains of Virginia with her husband and 8 children. In that part of the mountains there is extreme cold weather. Her death occured because of Pneumonia, possibly brought on by those cold winter nights. Grandma Luviny I celebrate you and feel grateful that you were there before me to pave the way for hard working grandchildren who you would be proud of.

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