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March 27, 2009

Celebrating Native American Women

Back in the Fall I was able to attend a Pow-wow that as always "wow"ed me. These women are called Blanket Dancers and they danced a special ceremonial dance with their blankets held out asking for contributions that would help add to the pockets of some others in need.

I am always closer to my own roots when I attend a function such as this. The Native American Woman was sure to have worked harder than many women did when America was nothing but land, animals roaming free, unpolluted waters, beautiful trees and family. She would have had so much to do than we can imagine. It is hard to imagine their lifestyle just 150 years ago, but because of their contributions I honor all tribes today that consisted of women who surely paved the way for her sisters and daughters who would follow in her footsteps in taking care of her family in unimaginable ways. Supermom? Indeed! I celebrate you my sisters!


  1. I really enjoy the native culture. My grand-mother was Huron. She looked at things way differently than anyone I have ever met. She thaught me respect for family values and the land. She lived to be 103 and was healthy to the end. I think that her outlook on the world helped her live that long. Sometime when I am stressed, I just stop for a moment and reflect on what really matter, just as she taught me and my perspective often changes. I miss her!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us!


  2. Hey there Deb! OK, I have signed up but now I need to figure out how to upload. If I can get my LO uploaded in time I would love to enter it into your challenge here. My Mom passed away last year and I inherited all the family photos. Of course I have shared with my sisters, but still have so many left and you know I'm not going to throw any out!!!! HEAVEN FORBID. So, I am creating a Memorial Album for my Mom. The layout I have created is the first for this album. Hope you have an awesome weekend! We are expecting SNOW... yep, spring?! Candy


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