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March 28, 2009

Celebrating Grandma Mertie

Another one of my grandmothers was very special in that she raised ten children. In today's time that is not even heard of so much is it? She did it though. Grandma Mertie was not a wealthy woman by any means but she gave what she had. I remember that she had long hair and would pay me and my twin sister 10¢ to brush her hair once she let it down. She had a drawer full of brushes and it was like we were beauticians! The other memory I have so prominently was how much she loved the song sung by John Denver called "Country Roads. She would actually have us sing that to her. She must have missed those mountains after she moved down the central part of VA, but she did so to help her epileptic son and gave up that home she had known for so long. They are pictured here sitting together on the far left. Here is to you Grandma, I celebrate you today!

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