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April 17, 2009


6.33 minutes is all you need to watch this amazing little cartoon. It is such clean funny froggy humor...the way it was when I was a little girl. The kids today have certainly missed out on some cool cartoons. Remember Saturday morning was when we would see all cartoons until 12:00pm? There was no cartoons unless the showed up on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or something!

Do you remember this cartoon?

Enjoy! Don't forget to turn up your volume!!! Also, you might want to make sure to watch this once you are done looking around here ebcause that cool song is playing and will mix with the cartoon. Just a little heads up for ya.

A mid-1950s construction worker involved in the demolition of an 1892 building finds a box inside a cornerstone. He opens it to reveal a singing, dancing frog, complete with top hat and cane. The box also contains a deed dated April 16th, 1892. The man tries exploiting the frog's talents for money, but as it turns out, it will not perform in front of anyone else. For the rest of the cartoon, the man frantically tries to demonstrate the frog's abilities to the outside world (first by trying to get an agent to accept him, then by renting out a theater), all to no avail. Eventually he is homeless (after spending all his money renting the theater) and living on a park bench, where the frog still performs for him. A policeman overhears this and approaches the man, but after seeing him accuse the frog of the singing, he has the man committed to an asylum. Following his release, the haggard man dejectedly hides the box in the Tregoweth Brown building that is under construction. The timeline then jumps to the year 2056 (100 years and at least 1 day after the cartoon's debut), where the building is demolished by futuristic ray guns, and the box with the frog is discovered yet again by a 21st century demolition man, starting the process all over.

Ironically, it is revealed in "Another Froggy Evening" that the frog's croaking noise is actually Martian for "Would you like to hear me sing?"

The legend of "One Froggy Evening" was enhanced when a vaudevillian alien was included in Mel Brooks' 1987 film "SpaceBalls". The alien, after jumping from inside a man's stomach, sings "Hello Ma Baby".


  1. This is one of my favorite looney tunes cartoons. You brought back good memories of Saturday morning cartoons.

  2. I love that little frog!!! I remember this one for sure!!!


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