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April 17, 2009

Meet Debbie Buckland Resident Faithbooking Artist

I am pleased to announce that Debbie Buckland from NZ has joined our team. She is very inspirational in using her faith while scrapbooking. I know you will enjoy seeing her work and meeting her!

Hi, I am Debbie from Christchurch, New Zealand. I am a mother of two: a boy - Ethan (2 yrs) and a Girl - Mishael (almost 5 yrs), and a wife of a loving hubby (Simon). I have been a Christian since I was 13 years old (I'm now 36) and have a bible college certificate in evangelism - while on that course I went to India for a short term mission trip for 4 weeks in 1993.

I have been scrapping for about 5 years since my daughter was born. I first thought scrapbooking was the cut out from mags and stick in a blank book type of thing from my childhood. But when it was explained to me about what it really was all about I leaped in to make my existing photo albums better.... and of course... that was all I was going to do! - Yeah Right!!!! I got most of my supplies from The Warehouse then (cheap all purpose shop - with then very bad paper and embellishment ranges available.) Now I'm scrapbooking nearly every day one way or another.

Soon afterwards I joined the Fiskateers.... I'm number #352. Maybe the first New Zealander to sign up! I then started winning tools, papers, embellishments. It was a great start to scrapbooking! My first trimmer was from Fiskars - the Portable Rotary Trimmer. Before that I used a steel ruler and a common craft knife from the DIY shop. I have hardly used them since I won the Trimmer. My very first Fiskars tool was the Mini Shape boss - Card sized dry embossing kit. Do I use it now? No... but it might make a small re-appearance soon.

I used to print my photos at home with an inkjet printer until it got really cheap to print in town. Its much better that way. They are more waterproof. ;) And better quality.

In May 2008 I was lucky enough to be asked to be an ambassador for Fiskars in New Zealand and Australia. So I am now sent materials and tools from them to do various projects. I post on their blog regularly. Their blog is:

I have my own blog especially for scrapbookers and crafters.... it is aimed to teach and inspire: I have plenty of videos, how to sheets and tutorials on there for all levels of crafters.

In my future I hope to design and sell my own stamps online. I am making my own out of hand carved lino and rubber. Its so much fun! As for now I am practicing my carving skills and sourceing materials at wholesale prices so that I can sell them at good prices for my future customers.

Thank you so much for letting me ramble.... lol
Have a great day!!

Debbie Buckland
Made in New Zealand


Debbie created this cute frog project to share with us today. In true faithbooking form she has included a bible verse to use alongside of this project. This would be a great project for Sunday School, Religious Education, or Vacation Bible School while teaching about the plagues.

Exodus 8:3
And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneadingtroughs.

You can make it too if you have these supplies:
Fiskars: L and XL Round Squeeze Punches
Fiskars: L Funky Love (heart) Squeeze Punch
Google eyes
Black pen

Step one: punch out 3 Funky Love hearts Make sure you turn the punch up the other way for one heart punch as it will go the opposite way for the feet

Step two: Punch out one of each circle

Step three: Assemble

Step Four: Now punch 2 more Funky Love hearts and trim with the scissors like this…

Step Five: Punch another L circle but only a moon shape Turn it over and use it as the mouth. It may need a trim.

Step Six: put on the google eyes, mouth and front legs. Mark as desired and you have your Froggy!


  1. terrific tutorial, Debbie!!! love that froggy :)

  2. Thanks Nikki
    - from Debbie

  3. Welcome to the team, Debbie! Cute cute cute frog!!!

  4. Wow Debbie I love that frog. I may have to borrow that little froggy in my three year old class. My kids will love it. Welcome to the team!!!

  5. O this is just fantastic Debbie is my Little Scrapbooking GURU HERO!! She makes me get up and start crafting and always makes me SMILE no matter how bad i feel Thank U DEBBIE !!Cant wait to see all the things U will be Making U is so SUPER!!!

  6. Congrats Debbie! That frog is adorable!

  7. oh gee thank you everyone!


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