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April 01, 2009

American Idol Groovy Girl

So check it...I was thinking Megan had some serious groovy potential until she goofed up last week. She sounded better when she was sick with the flu. Jus sayin'! I still liked her, thought she had a bad week is all. Now tonight she goes and acts all goofy on us. I mean what was with the pterodactyl interpretation already? ARE YOU SERIOUS? And the rude comment to Simon. Do people really forget from where they came? Come on Girl it is so not groovy to behave like that!!!

In the words of the late John Denver "fly away, ooo ooo ooo ooo oo oo, fly away" Later.



  1. HaHaHaHaHa!!! Pterodactyl interpretation!!!! Your so right! I totally feel like this girl just blew it! I mean I was never a huge fan but still she acted all wacko and like she didn't care! And PUH-LEASE do not dance like "Elaine" frrom Seinfeld! I didn't need to see it! LOL! I guess it doesn't matter it's not like she was going to win anyway!

  2. Rofl, girl!

    Now I loved Meghan Joy. True hippie girl and I adored her voice but honestly, Bob Marley?

    I will say I got Pi$$ed at Simon for thinking Meghan said She didn't care because what she said was "It's okay." She was telling Anoop, who was consoling her, that it was really okay. She was ready to go home to her little boy. She never said she didn't care so when Simon said, "Well, when you said you didn't care, nor do we." kinda lit me up! HA HA HA

    She's not a dancer, she is gorgeous, and she's so unique! I loved the resident Groovy Girl! Now Adam? I'm rooting for him to win!!


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