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April 25, 2009

Do You Repurpose in Your Scrapbooking?

If you are like most then you do not need a reason to head over to the local Starbuck's for a cup of Joe. I submit cards and layouts to one of my favorite scrappy blogs called Sisterhood of Scrap and here is a card I made to submit for their card sketch this weekend. I used the sleeve from around my cup of coffee to add as an embellie and gave that sleeve a brand new purpose. Head over to the local coffee house, grab a cup of your favorite caffeine and come on back to ceate! I would love to see how you too repurpose with your sleeve!



  1. So cute. I really like the letters cut out of a pic. Fun!!

  2. Very Cute Card! Repurposing is something quite new for..I guess I will need to practice that more often! :)

  3. Very cute card!! Clever job on the repurposing!! :=)

  4. Cute, Deb!

    And just an fyi for Starbucks fans like us, their old coffee grounds are AWESOME for growing a rockin' garden. And they give them out for free.. just ask!

  5. what a cute card and love how you recycled your sleeve from your cup :)


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