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April 28, 2009

It's Take Two TwoZday

I am all about going outside and taking pictures when it is a beautiful day like it is here in my hometown today. Wow, it is gorgeous! Compared to last week's tornado warning and UGLY weather to accompany it today is like a new world! So, that has me thinking. When a tornado and thunderstorms are headed we find ourselves looking up right???

For Take one this morning take your camera outside and look up. Show me what you see!Here's mine looking up:

Take Two this morning is to look down. We might as well cover the opposite like I explained my day compared to last week.Here is mine. Check out those shadows would ya! You can tell how sunny it is huh? The temperature is nice too. So, I'm outa here to take some more pics. If you take some shots and would like to share them, leave me a link here and I will show everyone a little peek into your world next week!

Have a great day!


  1. After 3 days of AWESOME weather, we have rain and it's supposed to rain all week.. literally, for 6-7 days. Blech. LOL
    But hey, at least the grass will green up! tee hee

    Enjoy your awesome day, Groovy Deb!! Great pics, girlie!


    There weather here is BLAH! I want the sun back it was a great few days we had a wonderful weekend kids got to swim and everything...and then rain. Have a wonderful day ladies :)


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