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April 28, 2009

Thoughts on TwoZday

Do you have your journal and pen in hand? It is time to write, afterall it is TwoZday!

Question 1:
If you had only a dollar and no means to support yourself, what would you do to make that dollar work for you?

Quesion 2:
If you could have five minutes to platform any subject infront of millions of people, what would be that one subject you would discuss?



  1. I asked my husband what he would do in these types of situations and he said for the first one he'd buy a double cheeseburger :) and for the second he'd spread the word about God. He's so superficial!

    I think I would hitch a ride to Vegas and play the penny slots. I'd have 100 chances of winning something greater.

    If I could captivate an audience that great of a number I would probably talk about the violence today and how we all have choices in life. I'd try to convince these millions of people the power of paying it forward and the power of kindness bestowed upon others.

  2. With the first one my first thought was go to the boat....being honest :P and the second would be how important it is to recycle and live "greener" for our childerns futures

  3. 1. This is a hard question. I would probably buy a lotto ticket and pray it was a winner, but if it isn't then I would be in trouble.

    2. I would want to talk to teens about how to be financially responsible. Especially in these times. It is important to get back to the idea of only spending what we have!! Cash and carry is looking really good to me!!


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