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May 27, 2009

It's Wednesday, Where'd You Go?

Did you go anywhere memorable this past week? I did! My daughter graduated from preschool so I was able to attend the sweet little ceremony and see all of the kids collect their diplomas as well as hear them sing in their precious little voices. Gosh! My baby is now going to be an even bigger girl. My oldest goes off to high school while the little one heads to Kindergarten. What ever will I do with my time???

Here are my girls last week after the ceremony :)

I cannot wait to scrap that picture! Where did you go?


  1. I'm feelin' your pain girl. I have my oldest son graduating high school and my 6yo graduating kinder. *sniff*sniff*

  2. No Graduating here, Mine is going to second grade then one more year till pre k for the other. I didn't do much around here just work ( Yuck ), Home, Cooked some spagetti Bake.. and off to bed. I know my life is so boring. lol

  3. Forgot to post this yesterday... We went to the flea market. Not very exciting but we did find some good stuff. Then went to my parents on Monday for a cook out. Other than that I was home scrapping.

  4. My son graduated Kindergarten last week. This week though I just kicked it at home with the kiddos and my hubby. Watched them all outside play in the pool and throw a football around. All the kids in my neighborhood say that my husband is the coolest dad because he plays ball with them. It's so cute to hear. LOL We did have a BBQ this weekend. It was nice. Then, out of the blue the topic about pouring coke onto pork shops will bring worms out of it came up and I may never eat pork again after seeing videos on the web. It may not even be true but oh gosh do I love pork. It's just going to be in the back of my mind all the time now. I went to the Dentist a couple days ago and will be going back again tomorrow for a filling. Tonight we'll be watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and hopefully we'll be getting a mommy/daddy movie from Netflix tomorrow night. :) Well, that was my week.


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